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Account & settings

Setting up

  • What’s the best way to set up?

    Like all other apps that put safety first, Beam employs a few precautionary steps before you are ready to Beam. Just remember these four phrases - Download, Fill in, Link, Confirm.

    Download the app for iPhone and Android via the App Store or Google Play.

    Fill in your details to create an account on the app with a valid email address.

    Link a credit, debit or prepaid card by Visa or MasterCard.

    Confirm your email.

    For Beam to work, don’t forget to turn on Bluetooth and Location from your phone Settings.

Verify details

  • Why do I need to confirm my email?

    This is an important step as it let’s us know you’re real. It adds a layer of security as no one else will be able to create an account with your email address. 

  • How do I confirm my email?

    Depending on how you signed up, you will receive an email or SMS as soon as you’ve created an account with us. Confirm via email or use the SMS code, and you’re all set. 

  • I want to use Beam ASAP. Can I skip this step?

    Yes, you can. As long as you’ve linked a valid card, you can get your shopping on ASAP.

    Just remember to confirm your email later on. As a safety precaution, a transaction limit applies before verification. 

Link a card

  • How do I link a card?

    Linking a card is easy. Scan a credit or debit card with your camera phone and Beam’s smart technology will do the work for you. Or feel free to manually enter your details.

  • How do I remove a card?

    You can remove or unlink a card at any time. Go to My Account > Wallet > My cards in the app to remove your card.


  • What are notifications for?

    Notifications or push messages point you to rewards all around you.

    For example, Beamers in their car about to enter ENOC got a message from us, reminding them that they can win fuel for a year just by filling up and sharing their experience. If not for the message, Beamers may have missed out. 

  • How do I turn on notifications?

    Go to “Settings” to turn on Notifications so we can point you to rewards nearby. 





  • Tap and go

    Beam terminals are now at store counters across UAE and Sweden including supermarkets, petrol stations and restaurants.

    When you are at the checkout:

    01/ Tell the cashier you’re paying with Beam
    02/ Tap your phone on the Beam terminal
    03/ Once the payment is confirmed, you’re done!


  • Dine and tip

    When asking for the bill, tell the waiter you’re paying with Beam, then:

    01/ Enter your PIN to view the bill

    02/ Select a tip

    03/ Check your total to pay and…

    yep, you’re done!


  • Fuel up and drive

    Beam at any ENOC or EPPCO station, without leaving your vehicle.

    When you’re at the pump:

    01/ Select the pump number
    02/ Stay cool while the tank is filled up outside
    03/ Tap “Done filling” when the attendant has finished fueling
    04/ Check your total, pay and drive.




  • How will I get my receipts after a purchase?

    Your receipts will be automatically stored in the app. Organise and see all your rewards and savings in one place, minus the wallet bulk.

    Go to My Account>Wallet>Receipts to view all receipts.




  • How do I earn rewards?

    When you pay with Beam, you will automatically earn a percentage of your spend back as a reward.

    This pin indicates what that percentage is.


    Pins are located next to brand names in the app.


    The more corners the pin has, the more you earn.



    When the pins light up, it’s double rewards.

    For example, at ALDO (), you will get between 10% to 15% of your spend back as a reward. This reward can then be redeemed anywhere.



  • Where can I redeem my rewards?

    Anywhere. It doesn't matter where you earn it, you can redeem your reward at any Beam brand.

    For example, grab a coffee in the morning and use the reward earned on that purchase for your groceries in the evening.

  • What if I can’t see the brand I am after?

    If it isn’t displayed, tap the search icon at the top of the home screen.

  • Do I have to redeem a reward straight after a spend?

    That’s up to you. You can do it right away or wait to accumulate more and then redeem it later.

  • How do I redeem rewards?

    Your reward is automatically redeemed when you pay with Beam, meaning you don’t have to search or even show the amount to the cashier/staff.

    Just pay at the store as you normally would. Beam will deduct the reward from your transaction and you will only be charged the balance.

  • Do rewards expire?


    Partner campaigns however are temporary in nature and deadlines do apply. These are stated under Terms and Conditions.



  • I can't see my invite code

    Once you start using Beam to pay we give you an invite code so you can start earning rewards for referring friends. 

    Please note there is an eligibility criteria to earn this reward. To become eligible, you need to have spent at least 100 with Beam.

  • There is a problem with my account

    If you are seeing "There is a problem with your account" in the app, this means your account is flagged by our fraud detection system.

    When this happens the app will alert you that there is a problem. Transaction limits will then be applied preventing you from paying with Beam.

    To start using Beam again contact support with the following details:

    1. The email or phone number ID for the account you would like to keep using
    2. A copy of your passport, national ID card or driving license
    3. A photo of the credit card linked to your account

    We will review your case and where possible lift the limits from your account.


  • I couldn't link my card

    Please ensure that all your card details have been entered correctly and the card is still valid.

    If you are still experiencing issues, please consider contacting your bank to ensure your card is authorised for online transactions or try linking another card.

    Some banks do not permit debit cards to be used for online transactions. Unfortunately, this means that some cards cannot be linked to your Beam account.

  • I forgot my PIN. What do I do?

    It happens to the best of us, don’t worry Beamer. Resetting your PIN is easy. Simply tap “FORGOT PIN?” from “Enter your Beam PIN” screen and follow the steps.


Safety & trust

  • Are my card details protected?

    Yes. Your card number is never stored in the app or your phone. Beam is 100% PCI-DSS compliant, the international standard for handling credit card data. This ensures that no one (merchants included) will be able to access your card information from the Beam app.

  • Is paying with Beam safe?

    Paying with Beam on your phone is more secure than conventional card payments. Unlike cards which can be used by a stranger, a Beam PIN known only to you is needed before you can pay with the app.

    Here are the top 3 things to know about our secure payments:

    • Your card number is NEVER stored in the app or your phone.
    • Your card details are NEVER sent to merchants.
    • Your transactions are protected by a personal PIN known only to you.

    For example, in the past at a petrol station, you’d have handed over your card and PIN to an attendant at ENOC. With Beam, you can now pay for petrol in the comforts of your vehicle knowing your account details are safe.

  • What if my phone is stolen?

    All sensitive data, including credit card details, is encrypted and secured in the cloud. No sensitive data is ever stored in your phone. This means that no one will be able to access your personal information from the app.

  • I forgot my PIN. What do I do?

    Simply follow the “Forgot PIN?” prompts in the app when you enter an incorrect PIN.

About Beam

About Beam