• I can't see my invite code

      Once you start using Beam to pay, we give you an invite code so you can start earning rewards for referring friends. 

      Please note there is an eligibility criteria to earn this reward. To become eligible, you need to have spent at least 500, excluding rewards, with Beam.

    • There is a problem with my account

      If you are seeing "There is a problem with your account" in the app, this means your account is flagged by our fraud detection system.

      When this happens the app will alert you that there is a problem. Transaction limits will then be applied preventing you from paying with Beam.

      To start using Beam again contact support with the following details:

      1. The email or phone number ID for the account you would like to keep using
      2. A copy of your passport, national ID card or driving license
      3. A photo of the payment card linked to your account (please ensure that only the last 4 digits and your name are visible, you may hide any other details as needed)

      We will review your case and where possible lift the limits from your account.


    • I can't see Express Beam!

      If you're unable to see Express Beam, make sure the below are done:

      • Phone security is enabled on your device
      • Touch ID/Fingerprint is enabled in the app
      • Bluetooth is turned on from settings
    • I couldn't link my card

      Please ensure that all your card details have been entered correctly and the card is still valid.

      If you are still experiencing issues, please consider contacting your bank to ensure your card is authorised for online transactions or try linking another card.

      Some banks do not permit debit cards to be used for online transactions. Unfortunately, this means that some cards cannot be linked to your Beam account.

    • I forgot my PIN. What do I do?

      It happens to the best of us, don’t worry Beamer. Resetting your PIN is easy. Simply tap “FORGOT PIN?” from “Enter your Beam PIN” screen and follow the steps.