• Are my card details protected?

      Yes. Your card number is never stored in the app or your phone. Beam is 100% PCI-DSS compliant, the international standard for handling credit card data. This ensures that no one (merchants included) will be able to access your card information from the Beam app.

    • Is paying with Beam safe?

      Paying with Beam on your phone is more secure than conventional card payments. Unlike cards which can be used by a stranger, a Beam PIN known only to you is needed before you can pay with the app.

      Here are the top 3 things to know about our secure payments:

      • Your card number is NEVER stored in the app or your phone.
      • Your card details are NEVER sent to merchants.
      • Your transactions are protected by a personal PIN known only to you.

      For example, in the past at a petrol station, you’d have handed over your card and PIN to an attendant at ENOC. With Beam, you can now pay for petrol in the comforts of your vehicle knowing your account details are safe.

    • What if my phone is stolen?

      All sensitive data, including credit card details, is encrypted and secured in the cloud. No sensitive data is ever stored in your phone. This means that no one will be able to access your personal information from the app.