• How can I earn rewards?

      Transacting with Beam automatically earns you rewards on each transaction.
      Generally, the rewards are larger when Beaming beyond fuel and grocery stores.


    • How do I spend rewards?

      Your reward is automatically spent if you're on the spend mode when you pay with Beam, meaning you don’t have to search or even show the amount to the cashier/staff.

      Just pay at the store as you normally would. Beam will deduct the reward from your transaction and you will only be charged any balance.


    • Can I spend rewards at any brand I like?

      Yes, anywhere at all. It doesn't matter where you earn it, you can spend your reward at any Beam brand.

    • Do I have to spend rewards straight after earning them?

      That’s up to you. You can do it right away or go to the save mode to wait to accumulate more rewards and spend it later.


    • What is a bonus?

      A bonus is a time sensitive amount for a store, available to Beamers occasionally. When available, they are automatically used before your rewards or even charging your linked card, depending on the amount.

      If you see one, use it right away because it resets every time you transact.

    • How do I use a bonus?

      Transacting at a store for which you have the bonus available, will automatically use the bonus amount first.

      If the amount of your transaction is less than the bonus, the bonus will reset after the transaction and show none, unless there's another bonus available for a different store.