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    How do I verify my card?

    1. Open the app

    2. Go to My Account - top right of the home screen

    3. Scroll down to My Cards

    4. Tap the card you'd like to verify and enter the small amount you were charged.

    5. If you're unable to find the initial verification amount, tap the 'Verify card' text next to the cards that haven't been verified yet

    6. You will be able to see a screen allowing you to enter a randomized amount - the amount is a verification charge to your card and you should receive an SMS from your bank with the exact amount

    7. Enter the amount into the number pad (in the case you see a comma because of your language settings instead of a decimal point, copy the amount from the SMS and paste it into the app)

    The amount charged is returned to your card after 24 hours.

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