Where are my rewards?

In the new v4 app your rewards look a little different, the two key updates are explained here 👇

1. Reward Balance

Your reward balance is the balance of rewards you have earned, each time you transact, successfully invite a friend or complete a powerup your balance increases.

Your reward balance can't be redeemed until you select a store to redeem at, you can choose to redeem this balance at any Beam store, just scroll through the feed or search for your favourite brand and select redeem. 

2. Ready to redeem

This is the total amount of rewards you have ready to redeem. When you select a store to redeem your reward at the balance will be be added to the "ready to redeem" section in the feed. You can scroll across to see all the stores where you have rewards ready to redeem. 

For all Beamers that have updated to v4 from the old app, this is where you can find see your rewards. 


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