• Where can I redeem my rewards?

      Anywhere. It doesn't matter where you earn it, you can redeem your reward at any Beam brand.

      For example, grab a coffee in the morning and use the reward earned on that purchase for your groceries in the evening.

    • What if I can’t see the brand I am after?

      If it isn’t displayed, tap the search icon at the top of the home screen.

    • Do I have to redeem a reward straight after a spend?

      That’s up to you. You can do it right away or wait to accumulate more and then redeem it later.

    • How do I redeem rewards?

      Your reward is automatically redeemed when you pay with Beam, meaning you don’t have to search or even show the amount to the cashier/staff.

      Just pay at the store as you normally would. Beam will deduct the reward from your transaction and you will only be charged the balance.