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    How do I verify my card?

    01/ Open the app

    02/ Go to My Account - top right of the home screen

    03/ Scroll down to My Cards

    04/ Tap the card you'd like to verify and enter the small amount you were charged.

    05/ If you're unable to find the initial verification amount, tap the 'Verify card' text next to the cards that haven't been verified yet

    06/ You will be able to see a screen allowing you to enter a randomized amount - the amount is a verification charge to your card and you should receive an SMS from your bank with the exact amount

    07/ Enter the amount into the number pad (in the case you see a comma because of your language settings instead of a decimal point, copy the amount from the SMS and paste it into the app)

    The amount charged is returned immediately.
    Your card should now be verified!

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